Safety Committee

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--Criteria for Flight
--Helicopter Safety
--Establishing a Landing Zone
--Communicating with the Aircraft
--Landing Zone Security
Download the HELICOPTER SAFETY & LANDING ZONE TRAINING Powerpoint Presentation

State of Ohio HEMS Communication Plan

In June 2008, a catastrophic mid-air collision near Flagstaff, AZ resulted in the death of two patients, five rotor-wing crewmembers and the destruction of two aircraft. In order to mitigate the potential of this occurrence in our state, the Ohio Association of Critical Care Transport (OACCT) has elected to develop this document, and the Air Medical Providers (AMPs), providing helicopter EMS, who are OACCT members agree to its content, in an effort to enhance safety amongst and between helicopters operating in the same geographical region.

View the State of Ohio HEMS Communication Plan in PDF format

Recommended procedures for requesting and communicating with medical helicopters in the state of Ohio in PDF format

Heliport Standards

OACCT has taken a position to promote safe operations and to help reduce risks by holding hospitals to a minimum requirement standard for helicopters using hospital helipads. We require that hospitals follow current FAA Air Circular 150/5390-2A and CAMTS accreditation standards to enhance safety for helicopter operations within the State of Ohio. The OACCT member program in your area can also provide specific answers to your questions. Please visit the Members page for a complete listing of OACCT members. In addition, the following links provide detailed information on current standards.

View the US DOT Heliport Design Advisory Circular in PDF format

View the CAMTS Heliport Standards in PDF format

View the Helipad Risk Assessment in Microsoft Excel format

Helicopter Shopping

View March 18, 2019

Association of Air Medical Services

The FAA has sent a letter to State EMS Directors and Officials informing them of the dangers of helicopter shopping, the practice in which a second air medical program is called after a first has turned the flight down without informing the second program of the reason the flight was turned down by the first. The FAA is very concerned about this issue, since the practice can have serious, sometimes fatal, consequences for the air medical crew that is not properly informed. The FAA plans to make this letter available to hospital administrators and 911 centers as well.

View the AAMS letter to EMS agencies addressing helicopter shopping in PDF format

Commission of Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS)

View the Accreditation Standards, 9th Edition in PDF format